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About this Class

Register today for your child to have a FREE TRIAL class. Your child will be introduced to the art of clay where they will squish, roll and pinch clay to create their unique art at their own pace and ability. Emphasis is placed on Skill Development, Creativity, Communication and Imagination!

What your child will Learn and Practice in KlayKids:

Our Clay & Multi Media Art classes help children learn and practice creative problem solving, decision making, and manners through sharing & class routine. They will practice listening skills & patience by working with new friends, improve & strengthen their fine-motor & sensory skills by working with clay, and gain confidence overall through art exploration in a safe & encouraging environment!

Upcoming Sessions

Last Friday of the Month (4 - 8 pm)

Contact Sandy to reserve your spot today!

(949) 433 - 9041


Free Trial: Clay Art Class

All Ages

Course Price

Cost of Pottery

Course length

20 min

*There is no minimum for Pottery Painting during our Open Studio!

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