Frequently Asked Questions

To-Go Kits

How does the To-Go process work with projects needing to be kiln fired?

Basically, it is three times back and forth. See question above for delivery and drop-off pick-up scenarios. After you will fill out all the required information in the “shipping” step of the order process, you will choose if you want KlayKids delivery Customer drop-off pick-up. We understand this can be confusing - however, we are currently working on providing a shipping option in addition to pick-up/delivery!

What is included in a pottery painting To-Go Kit?

You will customize your own To-Go Kit to include:

  1. Pottery piece(s) of your choice
  2. Ceramic Paint or Acrylic paints. At checkout you will be asked to select up to six colors per order. Acrylic paint kits will also include Brush-on Sealer.
  3. A Must-Read instruction sheet with tips for achieving the Best Results.
  4. Paper towels for easy cleanup.
You also have the option of purchasing a 10-pack of paint brushes that are perfect for ceramic or acrylic painting. Paint brushes are not included in the kit.

Do my projects have to be fired in the kiln? What is the process?

If you chose ceramic glaze paints, then yes they need to fired in the kiln. All products that need to FOOD or LIQUID SAFE must be painted with ceramic paint and fired in the kiln. After we receive your items back, we then, apply two layers of an “overglaze” to your project, by hand. This process is what makes your piece shiny, bright and food safe once it is fired in the kiln. This is a two-step process, allowing drying time in-between each step. Once the “overglaze” is completely dry, your piece is ready to be loaded into the kiln. The kiln heats up to about 1860 degrees and then must cool down slowly. During warm months it takes longer to cool down, about 24 hours and about 18 hours during cooler months. We can not rush this process as it can damage the projects if cooled too rapidly. We then Dremel off the sharp points on the bottom of the piece from the stilts we use (this keeps your piece from sticking to the kiln shelves). Finally, we match up your piece with your order, package it up and Hooray, your project is ready for you to enjoy!

When will I receive my projects back after my To-Go Kit is finished?

Your projects will be ready in 7 - 10 days after KlayKids receives them. Please let us know if this is an urgent request and we will do our best to work with you.

How do I order a To-Go Kit?

You can order your To-Go Kit right here on the website! Go to our shop and add any item to your cart to customize your To-Go-Kit!

Food & Liquid Safe

What is the difference between Ceramic Paint & Acrylic Paints?

Ceramic Glaze Paint:

  • Must be kiln fired (three-step delivery process: deliver/pick-up/delivering)
  • Has a professional quality look (shiny!)
  • Food & liquid safe!
  • Washes out of clothes and surfaces easily!
  • Colors do not mix well - use a separate brush for each color.
  • Ready 7 -10 days after KlayKids receives it.
Acrylic Craft Paint :
  • Does not need to be kiln fired (one-time pick-up or delivery process!)
  • CANNOT be used on any item that is meant for food or liquid (mugs, plates, vases, etc.)
  • Best for decorative pieces
  • Colors mix well!
  • Does not easily wash out of clothes or surfaces. Protect your working surface and wear a smock or apron (we have KlayKids t-shirts in our shop that work great as smocks!)

Can you eat or drink from the dishware (mugs, dishes, etc..)? Can I microwave it or put it in the dishwasher?

Yes! All of our pottery is food and liquid safe, once it is kiln fired. This is a hand painted item that we hope you will enjoy using for a long time and we want it to last! Hand washing and not microwaving is best way to show love to your pieces, so your creations can bring you joy for as long as possible!

Payment Methods

What if I don’t want to use a credit card, do you take any other forms of payment?

Yes! We also accept Venmo, Cash, Zelle and Checks. While we encourage placing your order on the website for ease of processing, but we will make exceptions. Send a message via text to Sandy at 949.433.9041 and we can get your order placed for processing!

Other Questions

Do you do hand and foot prints on pottery?

Yes we sure do! Sumbit a request through one of the contact forms or the instant chat function and let us know how we can be of service. We will get back to you to schedule a day and time that works best. If this is an urgent gift request - send a message via text to Sandy at 949.433.9041.

For any questions, please send us a message 

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For any questions, please send us a message 

Thanks for submitting!

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