Stanley the Stegosaurus

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  • 1.5" x 8" x 3.25" tall

    Stanley the Stegosaurus, the cutest herbivore ever! Despite his tail spikes, he is completely harmless and actually loves to play with his friends Bernie Brontosaurs, Terry T-Rex, and Tess Triceriptos. He feels safe when not left alone as he gets distracted easily, so be sure to keep him close.



    • Pottery piece(s) of your choice

    • Choose up to 4 colors of paint per order.

    • Paper towels for ease of clean up

    • A Must-Read Instruction Sheet for the best outcome

  • Choose CERAMIC or ACRYLIC paint.


    Choose CERAMIC or ACRYLIC paint.

    Ceramic Glaze Paint

    • Must be kiln fired (three-step delivery process: deliver/pick-up/delivering)
    • Has a professional quality look (shiny!)
    • Food & liquid safe!
    • Washes out of clothes and surfaces easily!
    • Colors do not mix well - use a separate brush for each color.
    • Ready 7 -10 days after KlayKids receives it.

    Acrylic Craft Paint

    • Does not need to be kiln fired (one-time pick-up or delivery process!)
    • CANNOT  be used on any item that is meant for food or liquid (mugs, plates, vases, etc.)
    • Best for decorative pieces
    • Colors mix well!
    • Does not easily wash out of clothes or surfaces. Protect your working surface and wear a smock or apron (we have KlayKids t-shirts in our shop that work great as smocks!)