Terry the T-Rex

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  • 3.25" x 3.75" x 5" tall

    Terry the T-Rex, King of the Dinosaurs, maybe surprisingly shy when you first take him home but don’t worry; he will soon warm up once he is painted! He is not like most T-Rex’s as he loves to spend time with his family Terry T Rex Jr. and play with his friends, not eat them! Bernie Brontosaurs, Stanley Stego, and Tess Triceriptos are his best friends. Be sure to keep him close to you and order his friends for him to play when you're busy.



    • Pottery piece(s) of your choice

    • Choose up to 4 colors of paint per order.

    • Paper towels for ease of clean up

    • A Must-Read Instruction Sheet for the best outcome

  • Choose CERAMIC or ACRYLIC paint.

    Ceramic Glaze Paint

    • Must be kiln fired (three-step delivery process: deliver/pick-up/delivering)
    • Has a professional quality look (shiny!)
    • Food & liquid safe!
    • Washes out of clothes and surfaces easily!
    • Colors do not mix well - use a separate brush for each color.
    • Ready 7 -10 days after KlayKids receives it.

    Acrylic Craft Paint

    • Does not need to be kiln fired (one-time pick-up or delivery process!)
    • CANNOT  be used on any item that is meant for food or liquid (mugs, plates, vases, etc.)
    • Best for decorative pieces
    • Colors mix well!
    • Does not easily wash out of clothes or surfaces. Protect your working surface and wear a smock or apron (we have KlayKids t-shirts in our shop that work great as smocks!)