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About Us

Our Mission

For every child who enters our program to experience a greater passion for art, creativity, and mindfulness so they can grow to be more confident in themselves and their abilities.

We seek to instill the importance and value of kindness in our society.

Through art, love, encouragement, and “Bringing the Happy” to those around us - we strive to make this world a better place one child at a time.

Our Story

For 10 years KlayKids has been offering families a fun, educational, and creative clay art program where kids can simultaneously practice their social skills in Montessori preschools.   Sandy founded KlayKids as a mom with two kids and a desire to help young children be confident in expressing themselves with their words and abilities without fear of judgment.  


Today, KlayKids has become a staple in Orange County preschools, with thousands of kids going through the program every year. As Covid-19 has impacted our community and children's access to art education, we continue to offer our core Clay ART program along with process-based classes, Multi-Media Art, and other fun workshops. Our ability to offer a wider variety of options has enabled us to open our doors to all that want to be a part of our growing KlayKids family. We are blessed to have such a strong community and look forward to “Bringing the Happy” to all that we serve. 

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